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Aug 30, 2023

"Video Call" app, review.

In today's digital age, staying connected has never been easier, thanks to the rise of video call apps. These innovative platforms have revolutionized the way we communicate, allowing us to engage in face-to-face conversations with friends, family, and colleagues regardless of our physical location.

But what exactly are video call apps, and how do they work? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of video call apps, exploring their benefits, top contenders in the market, and essential features. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the world of video calling, this article will equip you with the knowledge to choose the right app for your needs and ensure privacy and security in your virtual interactions.

So, if you're ready to elevate your communication game and harness the power of video calling, read on to discover everything you need to know about video call apps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video call apps offer convenient and cost-effective communication, with personalized and better visual communication.
  • Popular video call apps include Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, FaceTime, and WhatsApp.
  • When choosing a video call app, consider your needs, check the features, read reviews, and test out different apps.

What Is a Video Call App?

A video call app is a software application that allows users to make video calls, voice calls, and send messages to their contacts using their smartphones, tablets, or computers. One of the popular video call apps is JusTalk, which offers free and secure video calling and messaging for connecting with family and friends.

These apps typically utilize the device's front-facing camera and microphone to enable real-time communication, bridging the physical gap between individuals, whether they are across town or across the globe. With JusTalk, users can enjoy high-quality video calls over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, enhancing the overall user experience.

Many video call apps offer features such as:

  • group video calls
  • screen sharing
  • virtual backgrounds

thereby enhancing communication and collaboration for both personal and professional use. For example, JusTalk allows users to create group calls with up to 50 participants, making it an ideal choice for virtual gatherings, team meetings, or online educational sessions.

How Do Video Call Apps Work?

Video call apps work by utilizing the internet and Wi-Fi connectivity to establish real-time video and voice communication between users. For example, JusTalk relies on secure and private connections to facilitate video chat and voice calls, ensuring seamless communication experiences.

They employ data transmission technologies that enable the seamless transfer of audio and video streams over the network, ensuring high-quality communication. Encryption methods are used to protect the transmitted data from unauthorized access, providing users with a secure environment for their conversations.

The network requirements for these apps include a stable and high-speed internet connection to ensure smooth video and audio transmission, allowing users to communicate effectively across different locations.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Video Call App?

Using a video call app offers numerous benefits, including secure and private communication with family and friends, as exemplified by JusTalk's features for ensuring confidentiality and data protection during video chats and calls.

Video call apps have revolutionized personal and professional communication by overcoming distance barriers and enabling face-to-face interactions in real-time.

For personal use, these apps foster connectivity between loved ones across the globe, allowing them to share precious moments and experiences as if they were physically present.

In the professional realm, video calls streamline remote collaboration and enhance productivity, facilitating seamless virtual meetings, presentations, and negotiations.

They also minimize travel time and costs, providing an eco-friendly alternative to physical meetings.

Easy and Convenient Communication

Video call apps provide easy and convenient communication, allowing users to connect with their contacts seamlessly across various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, utilizing apps like JusTalk to facilitate effortless interactions.

These video call apps offer user-friendly interfaces, making it simple for individuals of all ages to initiate and join video calls without technical hurdles. Whether it's for personal use or professional meetings, the ability to seamlessly transition from one platform to another ensures that communication is not limited by specific devices or operating systems.

The cross-platform compatibility of these apps also means that users can connect with others regardless of which devices or operating systems they are using, expanding the reach of communication.


Video call apps are cost-effective, enabling users to make free or low-cost calls domestically and internationally using services like JusTalk, saving expenses on traditional phone calls and international dialing fees.

These apps have revolutionized communication, significantly reducing the financial burden associated with staying connected. By allowing users to initiate high-quality video calls over Wi-Fi or data networks, they eliminate the need for expensive long-distance calling plans. They offer a range of features such as group calling, screen sharing, and instant messaging at no extra cost, making them a remarkably affordable solution for seamless connectivity.

Personalized Communication

Video call apps enable personalized communication experiences, offering features such as emojis, messaging, and special effects, allowing users to express themselves creatively on platforms like JusTalk, available on both Apple and Android devices.

These video call apps provide users with a range of expressive features, allowing them to convey emotions and reactions non-verbally. Emojis, stickers, and virtual backgrounds are just a few examples of the diverse tools at their disposal. Users can personalize their experiences through custom backgrounds, filters, and virtual props, enhancing the visual aspect of their calls. With options for animated effects, users can add a touch of fun and whimsy to their conversations, making them truly engaging and entertaining.

Better Visual Communication

Video call apps enhance visual communication by providing high-quality video calls and compatibility across devices, enabling users to experience superior visual interactions on platforms like JusTalk, accessible on various devices including iPad and Android smartphones.

These apps offer enhanced video quality, often supporting high definition resolutions that capture finer details and facial expressions, creating a more immersive communication experience. Their cross-device compatibility ensures that individuals can seamlessly transition from their desktop to their mobile device without sacrificing the video quality or visual clarity. This level of flexibility greatly expands the opportunities for visual communication and collaboration, making it easier for users to connect and interact visually, no matter the device they are using.

Video call apps like JusTalk incorporate various visual interaction enhancements such as virtual backgrounds, filters, and real-time annotations, adding a fun and interactive element to the communication process. These features enable users to customize their visual appearance and environment, fostering a more engaging and personalized interaction. With advanced capabilities for visual communication, video call apps have become instrumental tools for both personal and professional connectivity, allowing individuals to communicate and collaborate effectively while enjoying rich and seamless visual experiences.

What Are the Top Video Call Apps?

The top video call apps include Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoho, each offering unique features and functionalities for video chats, calls, and virtual meetings.

Zoom stands out for its user-friendly interface, allowing large group meetings and breakout rooms. Skype, a pioneer in video calling, continues to be popular for its integration with Microsoft services.

Google Meet provides seamless integration with other Google Workspace apps, ensuring smooth collaboration. Microsoft Teams offers comprehensive collaborative features such as chat, file sharing, and integrations with Microsoft 365 apps. Zoho's video call app emphasizes security and privacy, making it ideal for business meetings.


Zoom is a prominent video call app known for its diverse communication features, including webinars, video chat, and virtual meeting capabilities, catering to diverse communication needs for individuals and businesses.

It provides a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless interactions with colleagues, clients, or friends, regardless of their physical location. With its high-definition video and crystal-clear audio, Zoom enhances the overall communication experience, facilitating effective exchange of ideas and collaboration. Its webinar capabilities enable hosting interactive presentations, workshops, and events, reaching out to a global audience. Its virtual meeting features enable teams to conduct productive meetings with screen sharing, file sharing, and breakout room functionalities, thereby promoting efficient teamwork and decision-making.


Skype is renowned for its extensive voice calling and messaging features, offering seamless communication experiences and reliable connectivity, especially in areas with stable Wi-Fi or internet access, as part of Microsoft's communication suite.

Skype stands out as a top video call app with its user-friendly interface, allowing individuals, families, and businesses to connect effortlessly. With Skype, users can make video calls to their friends, family members, or colleagues, facilitating face-to-face interactions regardless of their physical location. This app also supports group calls, making it a versatile tool for virtual meetings and social gatherings.

One of the strengths of Skype is its integration with various platforms, enabling users to access the app across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This cross-platform functionality ensures that individuals can stay connected regardless of the devices they use, promoting connectivity and flexibility.

Google Meet

Google Meet offers seamless group calling and video conferencing features, leveraging Google's ecosystem and compatibility with various devices, providing reliable connectivity for group communication, especially on Android devices and in areas with Wi-Fi access.

Whether you're working remotely or need to connect with a dispersed team, Google Meet allows for efficient group communication without compromising on quality. With its versatility, users on different devices, including PCs, Macs, and Android phones and tablets, can easily join and participate in video calls. This makes it an ideal solution for inclusive meetings and virtual collaboration.

The app's robust infrastructure ensures a seamless experience, minimizing disruptions and ensuring clear, reliable connectivity for all participants.


FaceTime, an exclusive video call app for Apple devices, provides seamless video chat experiences, particularly optimized for iPad and iPhone users, ensuring high-quality video communication in areas with stable Wi-Fi or internet connectivity.

One of FaceTime's unique features is its integration with the Apple ecosystem, allowing users to effortlessly connect with other Apple device users. The app's interface is sleek and intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience. FaceTime leverages the advanced hardware of Apple devices to deliver crisp, clear video and audio, making conversations feel more lifelike.


WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform, offers robust voice calling and video messaging functionalities, seamlessly integrated with its messaging features, providing comprehensive communication solutions for users within the Facebook ecosystem.

With WhatsApp's voice calling feature, users can make high-quality voice calls to their contacts, surpassing geographical boundaries and cutting down on expensive international call charges. The platform's video messaging capability allows users to send video snippets swiftly, enhancing the messaging experience with a personal touch.

The integration of these services with the messaging features makes WhatsApp a one-stop communication hub. Users can seamlessly switch between voice calls, video messaging, and text-based conversations, ensuring a seamless experience for staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

How to Choose the Right Video Call App for You?

Choosing the right video call app involves considering various factors such as features, compatibility with devices, and integration with existing platforms, ensuring seamless communication experiences tailored to individual or organizational needs, with options like JusTalk, Google, and Microsoft offering diverse functionalities.

When selecting a video call app, it's vital to assess the available features that align with your communication requirements. Some platforms offer advanced features such as screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and integrations with productivity tools, enhancing your collaborative experiences.

Compatibility with different devices is another crucial aspect, ensuring that all participants can join the calls regardless of their device preferences. The app's integration with existing platforms, such as email clients and calendar applications, can streamline scheduling and connectivity. Considering these factors can lead to a more seamless and efficient video calling experience.

Consider Your Needs

When choosing a video call app, it's essential to consider your specific communication needs, device preferences, and desired features, evaluating factors such as Android compatibility, available features, and the strengths of apps like JusTalk and Skype to cater to individual requirements.

Assessing personal communication needs ensures that the chosen app aligns with the nature and frequency of your video calls. For instance, if you require secure, encrypted conversations, you may prioritize apps with strong privacy features. Device compatibility is crucial as well; some video call apps may perform differently on iOS and Android devices.

Different platforms may offer different features - for example, evaluating apps like JusTalk and Skype on both Android and iOS devices can help determine if a specific feature is available across multiple devices or limited to a single platform.

Check the Features

Checking the features of video call apps is crucial, including aspects such as video quality, audio clarity, group calling capabilities, and integration with platforms like Skype, Google, and Microsoft, ensuring that the selected app aligns with the desired communication functionalities and requirements.

When choosing a video call app, video quality holds immense significance. It directly impacts the visual experience during calls, making it essential for efficient communication. Additionally, audio clarity is equally vital, ensuring that conversations are clear and distortion-free.

Group calling capabilities are also crucial for facilitating meetings or catching up with multiple people simultaneously. Apps that support multiple participants with stability and clarity enhance the overall experience.

Integration with popular platforms like Skype, Google, and Microsoft is advantageous for seamless communication, enabling users to interface with colleagues and clients across various networks.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Reading reviews and ratings from trusted sources such as Tom's Guide and app stores like the U.S. iTunes App Store provides valuable insights into the performance, user experiences, and reliability of video call apps like JusTalk, aiding in well-considered choices for app selection.

Considering user feedback and performance assessments is vital in determining the overall quality and suitability of a video call app. By consulting reviews and ratings, one can identify aspects such as call clarity, interface usability, security features, and customer support, all of which contribute to a satisfying user experience. Trusted sources often highlight any recent updates, bug fixes, or security enhancements, giving users the confidence in the app's ongoing development and commitment to addressing user concerns.

Test Out Different Apps

Testing out different video call apps, such as JusTalk, Google, and Microsoft offerings, allows users to assess user interfaces, performance, and compatibility with their devices, ensuring a personalized and informed selection based on firsthand experiences with the apps.

Exploring a range of video call apps can provide insight into the strengths and limitations of each platform. For instance, users may find that some apps offer smoother video and audio quality, while others have more intuitive interfaces. Testing different apps on various devices can also reveal compatibility issues that might affect the overall user experience. By actively engaging with multiple apps, individuals can identify the best fit for their specific needs and preferences.

What Are the Common Features of Video Call Apps?

Video call apps share common features such as audio and video calling, group calling, screen sharing, and chat and file sharing, often integrating secure and private communication functionalities and expressive elements like emojis, ensuring comprehensive communication experiences for users.

These apps provide platforms for real-time conversations, allowing users to connect with family, friends, and colleagues from anywhere in the world. With advanced security measures, end-to-end encryption protects the privacy of conversations and shared content. Many video call apps offer features such as virtual backgrounds, filters, and interactive game nights, enhancing the overall user experience.

Moreover, multi-platform support enables seamless communication across devices, allowing users to switch between smartphones, tablets, and computers without any interruptions. Furthermore, customizable settings for audio and video quality, as well as bandwidth management, cater to diverse user needs and network conditions.

Audio and Video Calling

Audio and video calling are fundamental features of video call apps, enabling real-time communication across devices and platforms such as Android, Google, and iOS, ensuring seamless and high-quality audio and video interactions for users.

These features play a pivotal role in connecting individuals, whether for personal or professional purposes. Whether it's a virtual business meeting or catching up with friends and family members, the advanced cross-platform compatibility of video call apps ensures that users can connect without limitations. The quality assurance embedded in these apps guarantees crisp, clear audio and sharp video rendering, contributing to a fulfilling communication experience.

Group Calling

Group calling is a prevalent feature in video call apps, allowing users to connect with multiple contacts simultaneously, leveraging apps such as JusTalk, Skype, and Discord for diverse group communication needs across various platforms and devices.

This functionality is particularly practical for users who need to conduct meetings, virtual events, or catch up with family and friends without being limited by the operating system or device. With cross-platform compatibility, individuals can seamlessly join group calls whether they are using Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac devices. This ensures inclusivity and convenience for all participants, making it easier to stay connected and engaged.

Group calling also supports a wide range of scenarios, from business collaborations and study groups to virtual celebrations and online gaming sessions, catering to the diverse communication needs of users across different settings.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a valuable feature offered by video call apps, facilitating collaborative interactions and presentations, compatible with devices such as Android, iPad, and Microsoft platforms, enhancing communication and information sharing capabilities for users.

It allows users to share their screens with other participants in real-time, enabling seamless collaboration on documents, projects, or presentations. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses, remote teams, and educational institutions, as it promotes productivity and fosters effective communication.

Additionally, screen sharing enables presenters to showcase visual content, engage the audience, and provide interactive demonstrations, making virtual meetings more dynamic and engaging.

Chat and File Sharing

Chat and file sharing functionalities are integral to video call apps, allowing users to exchange messages, media, and documents securely and privately, often integrated with secure communication features, as exemplified by WhatsApp and JusTalk, ensuring comprehensive communication experiences.

These features play a vital role in facilitating seamless interaction during video calls. Chat options enable participants to communicate in real-time, sharing thoughts, opinions, and important information without interrupting the ongoing video conversation. The ability to share files enhances the collaborative aspect, allowing users to exchange documents, images, videos, and other media, making the conversation more interactive and comprehensive. The secure and private nature of the communication ensures that sensitive information remains protected, bolstering trust and reliability within these applications.

Are Video Call Apps Safe to Use?

Video call apps prioritize user safety and privacy by implementing secure and private communication protocols, utilizing encryption, and secure data transmission, such as JusTalk, ensuring safe and secure communication experiences, especially in environments with stable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Many video call apps, including JusTalk, use end-to-end encryption, meaning only the communicating users can read the messages. This encryption method ensures that even the service provider cannot access the user's private communications.

Reputable apps offer secure data transmission using advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access. JusTalk, for instance, employs robust security protocols to protect the integrity and confidentiality of user data during transmission.

How to Ensure Privacy and Security When Using Video Call Apps?

Ensuring privacy and security when using video call apps involves implementing best practices such as secure connection settings, privacy controls, and adherence to platform guidelines, enhancing user privacy and data protection during video calls, as exemplified by JusTalk, even when integrated with platforms like Instagram.

One of the most critical components of maintaining privacy during video calls is to take advantage of the privacy controls provided by the app. This includes controlling who can join the call, disabling features that may compromise privacy, and managing access to your personal information. It is essential to keep the app updated to benefit from the latest security patches and features that enhance privacy and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Video Call" app?

A "Video Call" app is a software application that allows users to make video calls over the internet. It enables real-time communication with other users through video and audio, similar to a face-to-face conversation.

How do I use a "Video Call" app?

To use a "Video Call" app, you will first need to download and install the app on your device. Once installed, open the app and create an account if needed. Then, you can search for and add contacts to your app, and initiate a video call with them.

What devices can I use a "Video Call" app on?

"Video Call" apps are available for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. As long as your device has a camera and microphone, you should be able to use a "Video Call" app on it.

Can I make international calls with a "Video Call" app?

Yes, most "Video Call" apps allow for international calling, as long as both parties have the app and a stable internet connection. However, some apps may charge additional fees for international calls, so be sure to check beforehand.

Are "Video Call" apps secure?

Most "Video Call" apps use encryption to keep your calls secure and private. However, it is important to use a strong password for your account and avoid sharing sensitive information during video calls.

How can I leave a review for a "Video Call" app?

You can leave a review for a "Video Call" app on the app store or marketplace where you downloaded it from. Look for the app's page and find the review section, where you can rate the app and leave a written review.