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Nov 5, 2023

Thumbtack: Hire Service Pros app review

Looking for a convenient way to find various services from home improvement to personal lessons? Look no further than the Thumbtack app.

We will explore what the Thumbtack app is, how it works, the services it offers, and how to use it.

We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using Thumbtack, as well as its safety.

We will provide alternatives to Thumbtack such as TaskRabbit, Handy, and HomeAdvisor. Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Thumbtack is a convenient app for finding and booking various services such as home improvement, personal services, events planning, and lessons.
  • Users can create a profile, post requests, and compare quotes before booking and paying for services, making it easy to find the right service provider.
  • While Thumbtack offers a variety of services and convenient features, users should be aware of varying service quality, limited availability in some areas, and potential fees and charges.

What Is the Thumbtack App?

Thumbtack is a platform that connects customers with local professionals for various services through its mobile application.

Through its user-friendly interface, Thumbtack allows customers to easily browse and compare different professionals based on their services, rates, and customer reviews. Professionals, on the other hand, can create detailed profiles showcasing their expertise and qualifications, making it easier for customers to find the perfect match for their needs.

One of the key functions of the Thumbtack app is the ability for customers to request quotes directly from professionals, streamlining the process of finding and hiring the right person for the job. The review system on the platform ensures transparency and helps customers make informed decisions when selecting a professional for their service needs.

How Does the Thumbtack App Work?

The Thumbtack app functions by allowing customers to post service requests, which are then sent to relevant professionals who can provide quotes based on the job details.

Once customers input their specific service needs, the app matches the request with professionals specializing in that area.

  • Professionals receive the details and have the option to submit quotes to secure the job.
  • Customers can review multiple quotes from different professionals, evaluating factors like pricing, availability, and ratings. Read more about Thumbtack app reviews here.

Reviews and ratings play a crucial role in the selection process, guiding customers to choose the best professional for their needs based on past performance and customer feedback.

What Services Can You Find on Thumbtack?

Thumbtack offers a wide range of services, including home improvement, personal services, events planning, and lessons, provided by verified professionals.

This platform ensures that only top-notch professionals in their respective industries are part of their network to provide clients with quality services.

The home improvement category covers everything from handyman services to full-scale renovations, offering solutions for various household needs.

Personal services include beauty treatments, fitness coaching, and even spiritual guidance for individuals seeking personal care and wellness.

Events planning services cater to those looking to organize weddings, parties, corporate events, and more with precision and creativity.

The lessons section provides opportunities for learning and skill development in diverse areas like music, languages, and academic subjects.

Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Services on Thumbtack cater to projects like renovations, repairs, and upgrades, connecting customers with skilled contractors for quality work.

Thumbtack offers a wide array of services ranging from kitchen and bathroom renovations to landscaping and painting projects. The platform ensures that customers find skilled and experienced contractors who specialize in delivering top-notch results. Whether it's a small repair job or a complete home makeover, Thumbtack has professionals ready to tackle any project with expertise and precision. The focus on quality is evident in the attention to detail and dedication showcased by the contractors, ensuring that every aspect of the project is handled with care and professionalism.

Personal Services

Personal Services on Thumbtack include offerings such as fitness coaching, pet grooming, and personal styling, provided by experienced professionals who prioritize client support.

These skilled professionals are dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of clients in each of these diverse areas, whether it's creating personalized workout routines for fitness enthusiasts, pampering beloved pets with top-notch grooming services, or aiding individuals in discovering their unique style through fashion and personal styling guidance. The emphasis on client support sets these experts apart, ensuring a tailored and nurturing experience for every individual seeking their services on the Thumbtack platform.

Events Services

Events Services on Thumbtack encompass event planning, catering, and entertainment services, designed to make special occasions memorable for customers through well-executed projects.

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Thumbtack offers a plethora of options catering to diverse event needs. Whether it's a birthday bash, corporate event, or wedding extravaganza, the platform provides a seamless experience in finding the perfect professionals for every aspect.

Customer satisfaction is key, with user ratings and reviews helping prospective clients gauge the quality of service. Thumbtack's transparent pricing options ensure that customers can select services that align with their budget without sacrificing excellence.

Lessons Services

Lessons Services on Thumbtack cover areas like tutoring, music lessons, and language classes, delivered by knowledgeable professionals who offer competitive rates and personalized experiences.

When exploring the educational services on Thumbtack, you will find a diverse range of experts ready to guide students in various subjects and skills. These professionals bring years of experience and passion to their teaching, ensuring high-quality instruction for learners of all levels. With competitive rates that cater to different budgets, learners can access high-value education without breaking the bank. The platform's emphasis on personalized experiences ensures that students receive tailored guidance that meets their unique learning goals and preferences.

How to Use the Thumbtack App?

Using the Thumbtack app involves creating a user profile, submitting service requests, receiving and comparing quotes, and finally booking and paying for the desired services.

  1. First, after downloading the app and launching it on your device, you will be prompted to set up your user profile, which includes providing basic information such as your name, contact details, and preferred payment method.

  2. Next, to submit a service request, navigate to the 'Services' section, select the type of service you require, and provide a detailed description of your needs. Be specific to receive accurate quotes.

  3. Once your request is submitted, local professionals will send you quotes for your consideration. Use the app to compare quotes based on pricing, reviews, and availability.

  4. After reviewing the quotes, select the preferred professional and confirm the booking through the app. You can also make payments securely within the app for a hassle-free experience.

Creating a Profile

Creating a Profile on Thumbtack involves detailing your experience, showcasing your work, and providing relevant information to attract potential customers.

When setting up your profile, the first step is to focus on your experience. Highlight specific skills, certifications, and past projects to demonstrate your expertise in your respective field.

Next, ensure that you showcase your work by uploading high-quality samples or portfolios. This not only gives potential customers a visual representation of your capabilities but also helps in building trust.

Include relevant details such as pricing, availability, and any unique selling points that set you apart from others. By incorporating these elements, you create a compelling profile that stands out and attracts customers looking for your specific services.

Posting a Request

Posting a Request on Thumbtack involves outlining the details of your project, which prompts professionals to submit quotes and leads for your consideration.

When creating a service request on Thumbtack, it's crucial to provide comprehensive project details to attract the right professionals. Clearly defining your needs, budget, timeline, and any specific requirements ensures that the quotes you receive are tailored to your project. By offering a detailed description, you increase the chances of receiving accurate and competitive quotes, setting the stage for a successful collaboration. Remember, these details play a vital role in helping professionals understand the scope of your project, ultimately leading to a smoother and more efficient process.

Receiving and Comparing Quotes

Receiving and Comparing Quotes on Thumbtack allows you to evaluate different service offers from professionals and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Once you've received quotes, take the time to delve into the service details offered by each professional. Consider essential factors such as the scope of work, experience, and any additional services included.

  1. Client feedback is a goldmine of insights; pay attention to reviews and ratings as they reflect previous clients' experiences. This firsthand information can give you a glimpse into the quality of service you can expect.
  2. Another critical aspect to assess is the professionals' response times. Prompt and clear communication is indicative of their commitment to customer service and accountability. Compare how quickly they address your queries or concerns to gauge their reliability.

Booking and Paying for Services

Booking and Paying for Services on Thumbtack is a seamless process that involves confirming the service, making secure payments, and understanding refund policies for a hassle-free experience.

After selecting your desired service provider and discussing the details of the job, you simply need to proceed to confirm the booking. Thumbtack provides a user-friendly platform where you can easily finalize your service appointment with just a few clicks. The payment process is equally effortless and secure, offering multiple options such as credit/debit cards or electronic transfer.

Along with the convenience of booking and payment, Thumbtack ensures transparency by clearly outlining their refund policies. Should there be any complications or cancellations, the platform provides a structured process for requesting refunds, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire transaction.

What Are the Benefits of Using Thumbtack?

Using Thumbtack offers benefits such as convenience in finding services, access to reviews and ratings for informed decisions, and secure payment options for peace of mind.

One of the key advantages of utilizing Thumbtack is the sheer convenience it provides. With just a few clicks, users can easily find a wide range of services tailored to their needs, saving time and effort in the process. The platform's extensive database of user-generated reviews and ratings enables individuals to make more informed decisions when selecting service providers, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction.

Thumbtack's emphasis on secure payment mechanisms adds another layer of trust and confidence for users. The platform offers various payment options, protected by robust security measures, giving customers peace of mind when engaging with professionals. This integration of convenience, reviews, and secure payments makes Thumbtack a reliable choice for those seeking services."


The Convenience of Thumbtack lies in its user-friendly interface, quick professional responses, and time-saving features that streamline the service hiring process.

When a user navigates the platform, they are greeted with a straightforward layout that allows for easy browsing and search functionality, making it simple to find the services they need.

Thumbtack's system ensures that professionals promptly respond to inquiries, providing a seamless experience for the user looking to hire or consult.

The platform's efficient algorithms match users with the most suitable professionals, saving them valuable time that would otherwise be spent sifting through countless service options.

Variety of Services

Thumbtack offers a Variety of Services, catering to diverse customer needs and preferences, with dedicated customer support for a smooth service experience.

From skilled professionals in home improvement, event planning, and tutoring to specialized services like pet grooming and personal training, Thumbtack has a wide array of service options available for customers. Whether you need a plumber, a photographer, or a yoga instructor, the platform connects you with qualified professionals in your area. The reliable customer support team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring that customers have a seamless and satisfactory service experience.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings on Thumbtack provide valuable feedback from previous customers, helping users make informed decisions and choose the right professionals for their needs.

When browsing through the reviews and ratings section on Thumbtack, users can gauge the quality of service offered by professionals based on the experiences shared by others. This feature plays a crucial role in the decision-making process by offering real insights into the level of satisfaction expressed by past clients. The ratings serve as a benchmark for the reliability and competency of the professionals, influencing potential customers' choices.

Secure Payment Options

Secure Payment Options on Thumbtack ensure that transactions are protected, giving users peace of mind when hiring professionals for jobs or services.

Thumbtack provides a variety of secure payment mechanisms to safeguard your money and ensure a seamless user experience. With options like credit/debit card payments, digital wallets, and secure online transactions, Thumbtack prioritizes the financial safety of its users.

By offering encrypted payment gateways and fraud detection measures, Thumbtack boosts user confidence in making payments for the services they require. This commitment to secure payment processing enhances the overall experience of finding and hiring professionals on the platform, creating a trusted environment for both customers and service providers.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using Thumbtack?

While Thumbtack offers many advantages, drawbacks may include variations in service quality, limited availability in certain areas, and potential fees and charges that users should be aware of.

One common criticism of Thumbtack is the inconsistency in service quality that users may encounter, as the platform relies on individual service providers. This can lead to mixed experiences for customers, with some receiving exceptional service while others may face subpar quality. Moreover, charges and fees on Thumbtack might not always be transparent, causing confusion for users when trying to budget for services. The geographical limitations of Thumbtack mean that individuals in remote areas or smaller towns may have a more limited selection of providers to choose from compared to those in urban areas.

Service Quality Varies

The Variability in Service Quality on Thumbtack can impact customer experiences, leading to the need for clear communication, feedback mechanisms, and potential refund processes.

Effective communication plays a vital role in bridging the gap between customers and service providers, ensuring that expectations are met and surpassed. The platform thrives on customer feedback, as it acts as a compass guiding both parties towards better interactions and service outcomes. The potential for refund procedures in cases of unsatisfactory services provides customers with a safety net, promoting trust and confidence in the services offered. Emphasizing these elements can help elevate the overall service quality on Thumbtack, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Limited Availability in Some Areas

Limited Availability in Some Areas on Thumbtack could restrict access to certain services or professionals, requiring customers to explore alternative options.

This limitation poses a significant challenge for individuals residing in these underserved regions, especially when they urgently need assistance. Many customers might have specific requirements or timelines, making it essential to find professionals swiftly. Thumbtack's restricted coverage can create frustration and inconvenience for those unable to find suitable matches nearby.

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges on Thumbtack may vary, impacting the overall pricing structure for services and influencing users' decisions based on budget constraints and financial considerations.

When considering the different fees and charges associated with using Thumbtack, it becomes essential for individuals and businesses to carefully weigh these costs against the value they receive from the services provided.

Pricing strategies on Thumbtack can be affected by the additional charges, leading to variations in the total cost of hiring professionals. Users need to factor in these charges when planning their budgets, as unexpected fees can disrupt their financial plans.

Is the Thumbtack App Safe to Use?

Ensuring the Safety of the Thumbtack App involves measures such as background checks for professionals, user reviews for transparency, and guidelines to avoid potential scams.

Background checks play a crucial role in upholding the safety standards on the Thumbtack platform by verifying the credentials and qualifications of service providers. This process adds a layer of security and authenticity, giving users peace of mind when hiring professionals.

User reviews serve as valuable insights into the experiences of past clients, helping prospective customers make informed decisions. These reviews help build trust within the community and promote transparency.

What Are the Alternatives to Thumbtack?

Exploring Alternatives to Thumbtack leads to platforms like TaskRabbit, Handy, and HomeAdvisor, each offering unique features and service provider networks.

TaskRabbit stands out with its focus on convenience, connecting users with skilled taskers for various everyday tasks like cleaning, furniture assembly, or yard work. On the other hand, Handy prioritizes home services, specializing in tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, and handyman services. HomeAdvisor, known for its extensive contractor database, is ideal for larger projects like renovations and home improvements, providing users with a range of professionals to choose from.


TaskRabbit is a popular alternative platform to Thumbtack, offering a range of services and task-based solutions for users seeking efficient service providers.

One of the standout features of TaskRabbit is its user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily browse through various service categories, from home repairs to event planning. The platform enables users to post specific tasks they need help with, allowing service providers to bid on those tasks based on their expertise and availability. TaskRabbit offers a seamless payment system, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process. Users can also view provider profiles, ratings, and reviews to make informed decisions when choosing a service provider, ensuring quality and reliability.


Handy stands as another viable alternative to Thumbtack, specializing in home improvement services and convenient task management for users in need of reliable home solutions.

One of the notable advantages of Handy is its user-friendly approach to connecting users with skilled professionals for various services related to home improvement. The platform offers a streamlined experience for tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, painting, and furniture assembly. Handy's emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship sets it apart in the competitive home services market.


HomeAdvisor emerges as a noteworthy alternative to Thumbtack, connecting users with skilled professionals and offering comprehensive review systems for knowledge-based decision making.

One standout feature of HomeAdvisor is its wide network of professionals, allowing users to access a diverse range of services such as remodeling, landscaping, and electrical work. HomeAdvisor's rigorous screening process for professionals ensures that users are connected with top-notch experts with positive reviews from past clients. This emphasis on quality control sets HomeAdvisor apart as a reliable platform for finding trusted professionals for any home improvement project.

In comparison to Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor's focus on facilitating a seamless collaboration between users and professionals is evident through its user-friendly interface and detailed project descriptions, helping users to make more informed decisions and hire the right professionals for their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Thumbtack app?

The Thumbtack app is a platform that connects users with local professionals for various services, ranging from home repairs to personal training.

How does the review feature work on the Thumbtack app?

After completing a service, users are able to leave a review for the professional on the Thumbtack app. This review is visible to other users who may be considering hiring the same professional.

Can I trust the reviews on the Thumbtack app?

Yes, the reviews on the Thumbtack app are from verified users who have completed a service with the professional. This helps ensure the authenticity and reliability of the reviews.

Is there a way to filter reviews on the Thumbtack app?

Yes, users have the option to filter reviews on the Thumbtack app by overall rating, service category, and specific keywords. This allows for a more personalized and efficient review browsing experience.

What happens if I receive a negative review on the Thumbtack app?

If a user receives a negative review on the Thumbtack app, they have the option to respond and address any concerns or issues raised by the reviewer. This can help improve their overall rating and reputation on the app.

Can I leave a review on the Thumbtack app without hiring a professional?

No, only users who have completed a service with a professional are able to leave a review on the Thumbtack app. This helps ensure that the reviews are from actual customers and not biased or fake.