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Dec 20, 2023

"HP Smart" app, review.

The "HP Smart" app is revolutionizing the way we interact with our printers, offering a seamless and convenient way to manage printing, scanning, and copying tasks from your mobile device. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the workings of the "HP Smart" app, exploring its features, benefits, potential downsides, and user reviews. We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to download and install the app, as well as troubleshoot common issues. We will compare the "HP Smart" app to other printer apps, giving you a well-rounded understanding of its capabilities. If you're looking to streamline your printing experience and maximize efficiency, this review will be your ultimate guide to the "HP Smart" app.

Key Takeaways:

  • The "HP Smart" app allows users to print, scan, and manage documents all from their mobile devices.
  • Users can save time and money by using the app to order ink and toner and troubleshoot printer issues.
  • The convenience and efficiency of the "HP Smart" app make it a top choice among printer apps.

What is the 'HP Smart' app?

The 'HP Smart' app, developed by HP Inc., is a versatile software application designed to facilitate wireless communication and management of HP printers, providing users with a convenient interface to access printer features, order ink, and troubleshoot printing issues.

It's like having a printer concierge in your pocket, enabling you to effortlessly control your printer from your smartphone or tablet. With HP Smart, you can print, scan, and share documents with ease, all from the palm of your hand. The app's intuitive interface allows for seamless ink ordering, ensuring that you never run out of supplies at the most inconvenient times.

Troubleshooting problems becomes a breeze, as the app offers helpful guidance and solutions to common printing issues. Plus, it even provides access to exclusive offers and printing tips, making it an essential tool for HP printer owners.

How does the 'HP Smart' app work?

The 'HP Smart' app operates by establishing a wireless communication link between the user's device and the designated HP printer, enabling seamless interaction and control over printing functions, while also allowing users to access their HP account for enhanced printing management.

Upon successful installation, users can navigate through the user-friendly interface to connect their device to the printer effortlessly. The app integrates with the printer, providing access to printing documents, photos, and scanning services directly from the user's mobile or tablet.

With the integration of the HP account, users can conveniently monitor ink levels, order supplies, and organize documents for printing, streamlining the entire print management process. The wireless technology ensures that users can print from anywhere within the network range, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

What are the features of the 'HP Smart' app?

The HP Smart app encompasses a range of features, including print, scan, and copy functionalities, mobile printing capabilities, document management tools, ink and toner ordering options, and comprehensive printer setup and troubleshooting support, all seamlessly integrated with the user's HP account and network connection.

One of the key highlights of the HP Smart app is its versatile printing capabilities. Users can effortlessly print documents, photos, and even web content directly from their mobile devices, thanks to the app's seamless integration with wireless printers. The scan and copy functionalities further enhance its utility, allowing users to digitize and duplicate documents with ease.

The app's document management tools provide a convenient way to organize and access scanned documents, effectively transforming the mobile device into a portable office.

Another notable feature is the ink and toner ordering options, which enable users to monitor their printer's supply levels and conveniently reorder cartridges when needed, ensuring uninterrupted printing without the hassle of running out of ink at critical moments.

The HP Smart app offers comprehensive printer setup and troubleshooting support, making it easier for users to configure and troubleshoot their HP printers, thereby minimizing downtime and optimizing printer performance.

Print, Scan, and Copy

The HP Smart app provides users with seamless print, scan, and copy functionalities, enabling efficient management and execution of these essential tasks directly from the interface of their compatible HP printer.

Utilizing the print feature, users can effortlessly send documents, photos, and other materials for printing directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for transferring files to a computer.

The app's scan function allows for quick and easy digitization of physical documents, with options to save the scans as PDFs or images. The copy feature simplifies the process of duplicating documents or photos, providing a convenient solution for reproducing important materials.

Mobile Printing

With its mobile printing capabilities, the HP Smart app enables users to seamlessly print documents and images from their mobile devices, utilizing wireless communication channels such as Bluetooth to facilitate convenient printing experiences.

The app's seamless integration with wireless networks and Bluetooth technology allows users to easily connect their mobile devices to compatible HP printers, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and complex setup processes. This wireless connectivity not only provides convenience but also promotes a clutter-free workspace, enabling users to print from anywhere within the printer's range.

Whether it's a last-minute boarding pass, a vital report, or a cherished photograph, the 'HP Smart' app offers the flexibility and ease of printing directly from one's phone or tablet, making it a valuable tool for individuals on the go or those seeking a simplified printing solution.

Document Management

The 'HP Smart' app offers comprehensive document management tools, allowing users to organize, edit, and share digital documents directly from their connected HP printers, with seamless integration of these functions into the user's HP account and printer software.

From file organization to quick editing options, HP Smart simplifies document management. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows easy access to scan, store, and share documents. The app's integrated features make it efficient for users to handle documents effortlessly. With the seamless integration of the HP account and printer software, users can conveniently manage and print their documents directly from the app. It establishes a convenient workflow, enhancing the overall document management experience.

Ink and Toner Ordering

Users can conveniently order ink and toner supplies through the 'HP Smart' app, ensuring seamless replenishment of essential printing materials, directly integrated with their HP account to facilitate efficient and timely ordering processes, free from any deception or lies.

The integration with HP accounts allows for a hassle-free and simplified ordering experience, where users can easily track their ink and toner levels, receive notifications for low supplies, and promptly place their orders. This seamless connection not only saves time but also guarantees that users never run out of printing materials unexpectedly.

The app's transparent and honest approach ensures that users have full visibility of the ordering process, including accurate pricing and delivery details, fostering a trustworthy and reliable supply replenishment system.

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

The 'HP Smart' app provides extensive support for printer setup and troubleshooting, offering users access to support staff, bug fixes, and comprehensive troubleshooting resources, ensuring a seamless and reliable printing experience.

Utilizing the app, users can effortlessly connect their printers to their devices, troubleshoot common issues, and receive timely updates and notifications about ink levels and print status. The intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance make the printer setup process a breeze, while the app's built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting tools enable users to identify and resolve printer-related issues efficiently. The app's integration with HP's customer support ensures that users can seek assistance and resolve technical problems without hassle."

How to download and install the 'HP Smart' app?

Downloading and installing the HP Smart app is a simple process, available for various devices including iPad, PC, and MacBook, with seamless integration with popular platforms such as iCloud and iPhone, ensuring a smooth installation experience for users.

To begin the process, visit the App Store on your iPad or iPhone, or the Microsoft Store on your PC, and search for 'HP Smart.' Once you've located the app, simply tap the 'Download' button, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

For MacBook users, head to the Mac App Store, search for 'HP Smart,' and then click 'Get' to begin downloading and installing. With its compatibility across these platforms, HP Smart ensures that users can effortlessly access and manage their printing needs from their preferred devices.

Is the 'HP Smart' app free to use?

Yes, the 'HP Smart' app is free to use, offering users a privacy-conscious experience with minimal data usage, ensuring that users can enjoy the app's features without any cost or privacy concerns.

With the 'HP Smart' app, users can seamlessly print, scan, and manage documents from their smartphones or tablets, all without worrying about any subscription fees or hidden costs. The app's design prioritizes user privacy, employing robust security measures to safeguard personal information. It operates efficiently, minimizing data consumption, which is a crucial factor for users with limited data plans. This focus on privacy and data efficiency sets the app apart, providing a user-friendly experience while respecting user privacy and data limitations.

What are the benefits of using the 'HP Smart' app?

The HP Smart app offers numerous benefits, including unparalleled convenience, time-saving printing functionalities, and seamless integration with the user's HP account, ensuring a superior printing experience for users facilitated by HP Development Company, L.P.

With the HP Smart app, users can conveniently print documents and photos from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for transferring files to a computer. Its intuitive interface enables quick and easy navigation, saving precious time in the fast-paced digital world. The seamless integration with the user's HP account ensures that printing tasks can be managed and tracked efficiently. Whether it's printing on the go or managing print jobs remotely, the HP Smart app streamlines the entire process, making printing hassle-free and efficient.


The HP Smart app prioritizes convenience, offering users a seamless interface to access and manage printer features, wirelessly interact with their printers, and execute printing tasks with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

With its user-friendly interface, the app simplifies the printing process, allowing users to effortlessly adjust settings, monitor ink levels, and troubleshoot any printing issues. The accessibility of printer features such as scanning, copying, and printing from cloud services enhances the overall printing experience.

The wireless printing capabilities enable users to print from anywhere within the network, eliminating the need for physical connections and streamlining the workflow. This level of accessibility and functionality makes the HP Smart app an essential tool for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and convenient printing solutions.


The HP Smart app delivers time-saving benefits, enabling users to efficiently send and receive faxes through mobile devices, integrated with seamless network connections for swift and reliable faxing experiences.

With the HP Smart app, gone are the days of being tied to a traditional fax machine, as it allows users to manage their fax-related tasks on the go. The integration of mobile fax functionalities means that users can send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere, directly from their smartphone or tablet. This level of flexibility and convenience revolutionizes the way individuals and businesses handle their communication needs.

The app's network connection integration ensures that the faxing process is streamlined and effortless, eliminating the need for complex setups or manual configurations. It's like having a portable, efficient fax machine right in the palm of your hand, saving time, effort, and resources. The HP Smart app has truly redefined the faxing experience for the modern era.


The 'HP Smart' app ensures a cost-effective printing experience, offering seamless ink and toner management through the user's HP account, facilitating efficient cost control and resource utilization for economical printing solutions.

The integration of the app with HP accounts allows for easy tracking of ink and toner levels, enabling users to order supplies promptly, thus avoiding last-minute rush purchases and potential higher costs. The app's intuitive interface and proactive alerts further aid in optimizing print resource usage, contributing to substantial savings in the long run.

This collaborative approach not only streamlines the printing process but also promotes prudent resource management, aligning with modern business and personal budgeting needs.

Are there any downsides to using the 'HP Smart' app?

While the HP Smart app offers numerous benefits, users should remain cautious of potential scams or deceptive practices, ensuring that they engage with official HP channels to avoid any misleading or fraudulent activities related to the app.

One of the potential downsides of using the HP Smart app is the risk of falling victim to phishing attempts or fake notifications. Scammers may impersonate HP support or send false alerts, tricking users into providing sensitive information or making unauthorized payments. It's crucial for users to verify the legitimacy of any communication related to the app, especially when it involves personal or financial details.

There is a possibility of encountering counterfeit or malicious software posing as the legitimate HP Smart app. These fake applications can compromise device security, expose sensitive data, or even cause financial harm. Users should exercise caution when downloading or updating the app, ensuring that they only use trusted sources like official app stores or HP's authorized website.

What are the user reviews of the 'HP Smart' app?

User reviews of the 'HP Smart' app showcase a varied range of experiences, with many praising the app's user-friendly interface and responsive support staff, while some highlight the need for further improvements in certain aspects of the application, offering valuable insights for HP Inc. to consider.

Positive reviews frequently emphasize the intuitive design of the app, highlighting how effortlessly they can navigate through the features. The responsive support staff has garnered commendations for their prompt assistance, enhancing the user experience.

Some users have pointed out the need for enhancements in the app's document editing capabilities and adding additional file format support. These insights provide constructive guidance for HP Inc. to refine the app's functionalities and cater to a wider range of user needs.

How does the 'HP Smart' app compare to other printer apps?

In comparison to other printer apps in the market, the HP Smart app offers a robust suite of features and seamless integration capabilities, positioning it as a competitive solution for printer management and user convenience, in contrast to alternatives such as Brother printer apps.

One notable strength of the HP Smart app is its wide range of compatible devices, which extends beyond just HP printers, unlike some competitor apps that are limited to specific manufacturers.

The app's intuitive interface makes it user-friendly, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through various printing options and manage their documents with ease.

It excels in its support for cloud printing services, enabling users to print from virtually anywhere using their mobile devices, a feature that gives it an edge over other printer apps.

How to troubleshoot common issues with the 'HP Smart' app?

Troubleshooting common issues with the 'HP Smart' app involves accessing the app's comprehensive support resources, engaging with bug fixes, and utilizing the integrated printer features and wireless connectivity to address and resolve any encountered issues effectively and efficiently.

When encountering challenges with the app, it's essential to first refer to the HP Smart support website, where a wealth of troubleshooting guides and FAQs are available. Staying updated with the latest bug fixes is crucial, as HP regularly releases updates to improve the app's performance and stability.

In cases where wireless connectivity is disrupted, double-checking the network settings and ensuring that the printer is linked to the app via a stable connection is often paramount in resolving connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "HP Smart" app?

The "HP Smart" app is a mobile application developed by HP that allows users to print, scan, and manage their documents and photos from their smartphones or tablets.

How do I download the "HP Smart" app?

The "HP Smart" app can be downloaded for free from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

Can I use the "HP Smart" app with any printer?

The "HP Smart" app is compatible with most HP printers released in 2010 or later. However, some features may not be available for older models.

What features does the "HP Smart" app offer?

The "HP Smart" app allows users to print, scan, and copy documents and photos. It also offers features such as mobile fax, document editing, and printer management.

Is the "HP Smart" app easy to use?

Yes, the "HP Smart" app has a user-friendly interface and offers step-by-step instructions for setting up and using its various features.

Can I leave a review for the "HP Smart" app?

Yes, you can leave a review for the "HP Smart" app on the App Store or Google Play Store. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve the app for our users.